Wake swim dolphin

This activity is swim with a dolphin in a nice pool with sea view Wake swim dolphin. You will get a guide or trainer to swim with you and the dolphin. You just need to follow instruction and the dolphin will come to you, play and jump. They are so friendly and smart by doing the instruction.

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Bali Sea walker

Walk under the water that we call Bali sea walker. This activity is much easier than you do a snorkeling or diving. You will wear a glass helmet, take a breath like usual, walk under water and enjoy the beautiful life of the sea life.

Bali sea walker

Ayung River rafting

Ayung river rafting is a very nice activity that you can do in Ubud area. You will see the natural place and the beautiful river during this trip. When we start it, we will see a very beautiful stone carving along the river. Next we will stop in the waterfall and we can stay under the water to feel the fresh water splash on our body. After we reach the finish point, we will enjoy our lunch with rice field view in the cafe. Please contact Bali tour photo if you would like to do this activity and we will give you a special price for this activity only 30USD include professional guide, buffet lunch, hot and cold shower, towel.

Ayung river rafting

Bali butterfly park

Bali butterfly park is located in Tabanan area. We will cross this park when we headed to Jati Luwih rice field. After we pay for ticket at the front counter, we will enter this park which contains hundreds of butterflies flying around us.

We can see newly hatched butterflies in one of the room. We can put some butterflies in our body.
Then we can also see another room containing grasshoppers which looks more like a tree.
After we are satisfied to see the atmosphere in the park, our journey will end in one of the room that provides souvenir made by a butterfly that has been dried. You can contact us if you need a driver to take you to this place.

Bali butterfly park